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BayCare HomeCare now has 1500 enrolled clients with Carelink Personal Emergency Response Systems. We receive surveys every day telling us how valuable the service has been to our patients and their families. BayCare HomeCare has gained many clients who have never had a service through HomeCare; they have been referred to us by their neighbors, friends and family members. We are proud to offer a product that can provide such a positive introduction to BayCare HomeCare.
Below you will find we have many products for different situations to help keep our clients safe in their home and help lower readmission to the hospita.

  • 8100 CareLink Medical Alert System8100 CareLink Medical Alert System

    This unit is offered for 60 Days Free to our patients that have a traditional landline phone service. There is 1000 Ft coverage from the unit. The unit also has medication reminders, remote calling and answering features. Pendant is waterproof. There is a fall detection pendant available for this unit. Fee $34.95

  • MXD Medical Alert SystemMXD Medical Alert System

    This unit is available for clients that have nontraditional phone lines such as Voip phone systems. The 60 days free is available for this unit. Fee $34.95

  • MXD 3GMXD 3G

    This unit is available for the client that has no landline. This would include our clients that have cell service only or wireless service. There is an activation fee of $60 this unit is not valid for the 60 Days Free Promotion. Fee $39.95

  • NumeraNumera

    This is our Mobile Personal Emergency Response System- This unit does not require a landline. This unit works off cell service separate from your personal cell service. The unit will function anywhere there is AT&T coverage. All communication is done through the pendant. The unit has the capability for “Fall Detection”. The unit has GPS locating and is waterproof. There is a $60 activation fee that goes directly to the carrier. Fee $39.95

  • Instant CareInstant Care

    This unit is used inside and around the home. A fall detection pendant is available with this unit as well as an option to speak with a nurse. You can choose one feature or both. This unit qualifies for the 60 Days Free Program. Fee $39.95/$44.95(Both Features)

  • MedReady

    This unit secures and controls medication with key only access for loading the device and time released access triggered by a timer and alarm. This device works together with the 8100 two way communication, allowing staff to quickly respond if medications are not taken on time. Fee is $49.95 for both services.

  • MedMinderMedMinder

    This medication dispenser is a secure locking device with time released medication triggered by light and sound. Medminder is wireless which means it is easily transported. Client or family can get notifications of missed dosages; they can also follow on the website. Fee $49.95

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